by Kazem Skincare

5 key things to look for when choosing a skincare brand

Published on: 09/04/2018

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There are now so many different skincare products and brands to choose from – so how do you know which is best for you? In today’s blog we share our sure-fire formula explaining the five key things to look for in a skincare brand to ensure successful and sustainable results.


All skincare brands have a responsibility to deliver on their promises and provide a product that makes a positive difference to the consumer. Surprisingly, the cosmetics industry is not a heavily regulated as many would believe – meaning that what you put on your skin could have catastrophic consequences not only on the outside but also within. Always buy skincare from reputable, established brands with plenty of information, provenance and clear contact details. Beware of companies with PO boxes, dodgy email addresses and unmanned Instagram accounts with millions of followers. They may look good on paper, but their products may not be so appealing.

Responsibility also extends to the rise of ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free products. Skincare brands are becoming increasingly mindful of public appetite for eco-friendly creams and serums that aren’t tested on animals. Be sure to verify any claims before purchasing to ensure that your chosen brand falls in line with your personal principles.


It’s important to consider the long-term costs of choosing a skincare brand – as if the routine isn’t sustainable over time, the results you achieve won’t be either. Set a budget first before you start looking at skincare solutions, bearing in mind that best results don’t tend to come cheaply. Concentrate on value for money rather than the most expensive creams, lotions and serums. Don’t take the price at face value – instead investigate and learn more about the innovation and intelligence behind the cost. Also work out the amount you’ll need each day and follow brand guidelines to determine the daily cost of your skincare routine. You can then weigh that up against how much you value the health and appearance of your skin and how much you are prepared to pay on a regular basis to maintain it.


Credibility is key – but unfortunately it’s quite easy to fake it online. Brands developed by an individual or group of individuals with passion and determination generally stick out in the mind compared with huge corporate conglomerates that claim to care. Choose brands driven by innovation, science, nature and clinically proven results.


Honesty and transparency are important within the skincare industry – but sadly they’re not always easy qualities to find as more brands emerge making false claims, looking to make money quickly as we become increasingly image-conscious. It’s easy to be swept along by flashy branding, pretty Instagram pages and doctored ‘before and after’ images featuring celebrities or models – but when shopping for skincare it’s important to stay grounded. In short, avoid brands that make unrealistic claims about their ingredients or the results their products provide, and be cautious of fake-sounding reviews online. Claims should always be backed up by solid scientific research and clinical reviews – so beware of companies who cannot or refuse to verify the efficacy of their formulas publicly.

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