by Kazem Skincare

5 novel ways to perk up parched skin

Published on: 09/11/2018

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Autumn and winter generally = dull, dry skin – but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with five expert tips designed to combat patchy, parched skin and help you to get your glow back just in time for party season.

Use nourishing oils intelligently

Various plant oils have been proven to help skin to rebuild and repair from the outside in. Each one has different properties that actively work within the skin to provide hydration, tone and ward against eczema and other chronic conditions. If you suffer from dermatitis, flare-ups can commonly occur during Autumn and Winter when temperatures quickly rise and fall inside and out, playing havoc with our skin. Oils are a fantastic way to soothe and brighten tired, dull or dry skin – as many are multi-purpose. Add a few drops of fragrant jojoba and rose oil to your bath to protect skin’s natural moisture. Or gently massage into the skin at night once a week as a mini facial and self-care ritual. Making the switch the cleansing oils during colder months can also help – as they won’t strip away the protective natural oils within your skin.

Switch up your make up

As much as we love it, make-up can add to an accentuate cold-weather skin issues. Foundation tends to oxidise and can be temperature sensitive – drying out more quickly thanks to indoor heating and biting cold air. This often results in a patchy, cracked look. Certain foundations may also contribute to skin irritation and discomfort if you’re suffering from cold-induced eczema or dry skin. Consider swapping your current foundation for a tinted moisturiser or BB cream to combat the cold without cramping your style.

Ditch the drying agents

Did you know that drying agents are concealed within many household items and beauty products – from hand washes and shower gels to shampoos and cleansers? Many are surfectants and sulphates, designed to help liquid soaps to lather up properly. Unfortunately detergents and ingredients like this can wreak havoc with skin – especially if it is predisposed to sensitivity or dryness. Swap out these formulas and replace them with oil-based, SLS and paraben free natural alternatives.

Step up your skincare routine

Autumn/Winter skin needs extra special care. Consider adding to your current routine, and interspersing it with a higher volume of at-home masks, facials and treatments. Facials are particularly beneficial, as they encourage greater circulation and blood flow to the skin’s surface for a lasting healthy, nourished glow.

Embrace balance

One key thing to remember as the temperatures drop is the importance of balance. If you’re cold, try not to step into a burning-hot bath or shower. If your skin is dry, don’t overload it and smother it with moisturising products. Make changes slowly and in small amounts rather than introducing drastic new treatments and routines all at once. Avoid disruption as much as possible and treat your skin as gently as you can, seeking professional advice where needed for prolonged conditions and discomfort.