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Best Anti Aging Moisturiser For Combination Skin

Published on: 09/11/2018

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Each of us is chasing the Holy Grail of beautiful, flawless and youthful skin. And we’re prepared to put in the hard work to get it. We make sure that we watch what we eat, get plenty of hydration and try to avoid the extremes in temperature, toxins, stressors and other catalysts which could bring about premature aging. But when it comes to choosing the right anti-aging product we feel as though we must submit ourselves to the luck of the draw.

With so many different products on the market how do we know which will live up to their bold claims and how do we know which will be right for the needs of our skin? When you have particularly dry or oily skin, it’s fairly simple to ascertain what your skin needs and plan your skincare regimen accordingly. For those with combination skin, however, the waters are muddied here.

What is combination skin?

Combination skin is both oily in some areas yet dry in others. Generally oily areas will include the t-zone of your forehead, nose and chin will be slightly or much more oily than the rest of your face which will likely be dryer than average. Needless to say, balancing the needs of your skin against these 2 areas can be tricky.

What does combination skin need?

Combination skin can be tricky to manage, but many of the best ways to even it out are already pretty elementary of you have a comprehensive skincare regimen already. Regular exfoliation and moisturizing are essential when you have oily skin, and you’ll have to learn to keep your hands away from your face.

Use a gentle facial cleanser to get rid of the dirt and irritants that your skin picks up through the day and treat your skin to a face mask as often as you can. When choosing an anti aging cream, you want something that will neither dry out the already dry areas on your skin while also ensuring that your oily areas do not become excessively oily. A difficult balancing act to be sure. Fortunately, Nefara’s anti-aging moisturiser has you covered.

Why choose Nefera?

Unlike thicker moisturisers which can block the pores of your oily areas and lead to outbreaks of spots Nefera’s unique formula will ensure that your oily areas remain moist yet free of excessive grease while also ensuring that dry patches are well hydrated.

Nefera anti-wrinkle day cream is light infused helping it to get deep into your skin where it seals in moisture while also stimulating your skin’s natural production of collagen. Using state of the art technology, this anti-wrinkle moisturiser protects and nourishes even as it firms and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The end result is fuller, firmer skin without upsetting the delicate balance that is absolutely essential to those who have combination skin. No longer will you have to trade firm skin for excessively oily or shiny skin. You’ll be able to have the skin you deserve now and for years to come.