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Tips for choosing a facialist

Published on: 09/04/2018

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Skin can easily be compared to a nice car. You take care of it each day, nourish it with high-quality fuel and every so often you give it a little extra TLC to keep it looking, feeling and functioning at its best. A facial offers a fantastic pick-me-up for tired skin, like a service for your car – but many women turn to treatment only when they feel they need it. Booking in a tailor-made facial on a regular basis can work wonders for skin – supporting and supplementing your daily routine and making a significant positive impact on the overall health, look, feel and vitality of your complexion. Here we share three top tips to help you to choose a competent and credible facialist.

Check their credentials

Most beauty salons offer facials as a service – but how do you know whether the person responsible has been properly trained? A facial can be as simple as a gentle massage of the skin on the face and the application of a product – or it can go deeper, actively stimulating collagen production, aiding fluid drainage and removing toxins. Where possible find a dedicated, specialist facialist who has specifically trained in the discipline of facials and facial massage. They’ll have an intimate understanding not only of the skin but also of the facial bones and muscles – the deeper workings beneath the surface that greatly influence the external appearance of the skin. They may also consult you on external factors such as hormones, hydration and diet. This is especially important if you have a specific skin complaint or objective such as anti-ageing or relief from conditions such as acne or eczema.

Ask for testimonials and recommendations

Honest, impartial and most importantly genuine reviews from real people are very important and should be a prominent deciding factor when choosing a facialist. Check out their Google or Facebook accounts and any listings on directories to view real verified testimonials. Avoid reading testimonials from a website alone, as these have been submitted by the company themselves and may not be 100% accurate or true. If you have friends who recommend their facial provider word of mouth is always a safe bet especially where a personal service is provided.

Be picky about products

The products your facialist uses will be doing the majority of the work on your skin – so it’s vitally important that they are of a high quality and feature proven, clinically approved ingredients. Also check that they’re in line with your personal preferences and principles. Do you prefer all-natural or vegan products, or are you looking for a more advanced facial incorporating resurfacing agents for more dramatic skin renewal? Take time to learn more about and research the products your chosen facialist uses before you book in – usually they’ll focus on one brand or use a blend of several products.

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