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What do you love the most about Nefera? Bloggers have their say

Published on: 03/05/2017

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Bloggers are now the go-to gurus for many women looking to get the low-down on fresh beauty products. Their honesty as they share their own experiences with the world, coupled with candid photos and videos, makes them a collective authority most consult to get the best advice on choosing quality skincare and make-up.

Since Nefera’s conception a few years ago, we’ve had many beauty bloggers reaching out to us asking us to give the products a try. We’ve also proactively shared Nefera products with bloggers who have shared specific skin complaints – with remarkable results. Here we select three of our favourites, who each explain why Nefera means so much to them, and how it affected their skin.

“Nefera gave me a new face” – Lauren Maher, Sassy In The City

Lauren Maher of hugely successful British beauty and lifestyle blog Sassy in the City sampled our Introductory Set in November last year.

Specifically she was fed up of products that made big claims but largely delivered disappointment. A self-confessed skincare addict, she’s tried everything to help heal scarring from adult acne and result in a tangible difference in the condition of her skin – from microdermabrasion to scrubs – so we were incredibly interested to hear how she got on with Nefera. Her first impressions were good – the packaging, the price. But she wanted to know whether Nefera had style and substance. Her verdict?

“The product itself comes in three parts; day, evening and a serum to wear both times. They come in some hi-tech airless dosage dispensing pens, to make sure there is no spilling (the price!!). Additionally, it makes it easier to work out how much to use. Only 3-4 pearls is enough for the whole face and neck. I actually found that when you’ve been using it for a long duration, you actually only need about 2-3. One pen normally lasts around 4-6 weeks and it’s easy to throw in your bag when travelling.

“I noticed a difference on around Day 4, and people starting commenting soon after. A day later when on a Pure Balance Retreat, my friend commented that my skin was looking clearer than the last time we’d met.”

“For me to admit that a product has noticeable difference is a truly a big deal for me. Over the years so many products have claimed to do this and that and whilst many offer some changes, Nefera has by far exceeded my expectations and offered noticeable improvements in a short space of time.”

Yet she also mirrors Dr Kazem’s advice when she cautions: “Always bear in mind that a balanced diet and sufficient hydration throughout the day will aid the process.” Check out the full review here:

“It calms and nourishes damaged skin beautifully” – Eveline Robin

Beauty and lifestyle influencer Eveline posted that she was losing confidence as a result of scarring cuased by recent abdominal surgery. Dr Kazem personally saw the post – and sent her a scar serum sample to try following her recovery. The results were remarkable. Eveline took to Instagram to share her story of recovery – and some lovely words about our Scar Serum treatment.

“The packaging is insanely beautiful! The treatment is very gentle on your skin – it really is a very emollient yet lightweight formula.

“My incisions felt quite tight and raw, and it really took care of that. It calms and nourishes the damaged skin beautifully. This product is amazing!” Read more here:

“Perfect for skin that could use a boost” – Amanda Rijff

Renowned Netherlands-based beauty guru Amanda Rijff first tried Nefera in 2011, well before it started to amass a global following.

“After a week my skin felt soft and nourished, that little bit more than normal. These products are not necessarily intended for someone who has just undergone cosmetic surgery – they are equally well suited for skin that could use a good boost.

“Nefera is named after the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, renowned for her natural beauty. That is certainly promising!”

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