by Kazem Skincare

Renew your skin from within

Derived from the deep ocean


A key ingredient derived from the deep ocean by skincare scientists. The all natural pollachius peptide NEFERA™ offers total skin regeneration from the inner cell level of your skin. Restore your natural beauty.

Transported into the deepest level of your skin

Breakthrough formulas

Fortified with nanotechnology, the highly potent key ingredient NEFERA™ is transported into the deepest level of your skin. On cell level it restores and renews your skin’s natural collagen. Look radiant like never before.

NEFERA™ sets a new standard in cellular skincare science

New miracles

With nature and nanotechnology in complete harmony, the NEFERA Collection sets a new standard in cellular skincare around the world.

After ten years of research and development in Swiss laboratories, the products launched in 2013 have been proven so highly potent, they have been named ‘new miracles’ by experts ever since.

The NEFERA™ promise

Total skin renewal from within

Nature’s miracle and nanotechnology in perfect harmony; discover what the unmeasured collection of highly exclusive skincare treatments can do for you. Four perfectly balanced products offer total skin restoration and protection, giving you the radiant, youthful glow time has tried to take away.

Your skin illuminates as never before.

A new era in skincare technology

Discover the Nefera™ Collection

Nourish, energize and lift your skin with the highly advanced NEFERA™ Collection. Nature’s most powerful skincare secret fortified with nanotechnology. The products work in synergy to calm, project and rejuvenate your skin.

All products are highly dosed with potent actives and contain almost no additives. NEFERA™ is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. With questions, contact our team for consultation.