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Healthier skin – from the inside out

So many of us spend a considerable amount of money and time searching for the perfect skincare solution – all the while neglecting to nourish our skin from the inside out. A healthy diet and lifestyle are both crucial factors that affect how good our skin looks and feels. Certain foods in particular can be […]

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Can golden masks help to alleviate acne?

One question we are often asked is: ‘Will nefera help to alleviate acne?’ Whilst we can’t say yes positively as every person’s situation is different and acne has many causes behind it, Nefera’s formula has been shown to help with acne, especially following harsh treatment, to support skin as it heals and reduce the appearance […]

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Skincare – what’s behind the price tag?

Most skin crèmes look, feel and smell similar. So why do they differ so greatly in price? The answer lies in research, development, ingredients and results. ‘High price’ doesn’t mean ‘expensive’ One question we are often asked by those new to the Nefera brand is ‘What’s behind the price tag?’ or ‘Why are your products […]

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FAQs – A quickfire Q&A with Dr Kazem

When we start talking to women about Nefera, they ask us a lot of questions. It’s natural (and healthy) to be inquisitive when introduced to a new product – so we started to compile a list of our frequently asked questions, ensuring that Dr Kazem himself answered. Here we share a few of our favourites […]

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Why you should trust science with your skin’s future

Nefera products have been carefully developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr Farid Kazem in conjunction with dermatological experts. We approach skincare and anti-ageing from a medical perspective – so we know that without cold, hard fact and scientific research, we can’t expect to see results. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the cosmetics industry […]

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What do you love the most about Nefera? Bloggers have their say

Bloggers are now the go-to gurus for many women looking to get the low-down on fresh beauty products. Their honesty as they share their own experiences with the world, coupled with candid photos and videos, makes them a collective authority most consult to get the best advice on choosing quality skincare and make-up. Since Nefera’s […]

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How is collagen formed – and why is it an important factor in the process of recapturing healthy, youthful skin?

If you watch television or read a magazine, it’s likely you won’t be looking for long before you hear or see a mention of collagen. It’s a popular buzzword in cosmetics – and many creams claim to contain collagen itself, or collagen-boosting ingredients. However understanding what collagen is and the active role it plays in the health and appearance of our skin is vital if you are searching for a skincare solution to anti-ageing.

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What are peptides, and how do they work?

Many anti-ageing creams now incorporate ingredients called peptides, which promise to smooth and renew skin. Yet many women still aren’t aware of exactly what peptides are, what they do and how they are beneficial. The Nefera peptide is the principal ingredient in our skincare collection – so in our very first article we explore the science of peptides, and explain why they possess such powerful regenerative properties.

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