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Peptides – the facts

Published on: 07/02/2018

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They’re one of the beauty industry’s most coveted ingredients – with science and studies proving that peptides can aid the improvement of skin condition and aid anti-ageing effects. As the industry is unregulated clear, sound information can be hard to come by – leading to many misconceptions surrounding peptides. Here we share three key facts to bear in mind when considering crèmes containing peptides – and explain why a choice to use peptides alone isn’t always enough when it comes to fighting the visible signs of ageing.

Not all peptides are created equal

Peptides are essentially proteins – made up of a string of amino acids that form the foundations of skin and other biological tissue. There are in fact over a million different types of peptides – but the number used widely in skincare is much lower, and varies between 10 and 50. These peptides can be categorised as ‘the same’ – but they all differ, some slightly, some more significantly. This ensures that it’s important to choose wisely when deciding which should go on your skin, and how effective they may be in combatting visible signs of ageing.

Peptides alone aren’t enough

It’s true that peptides are powerful – but in a standalone capacity their skin beautifying properties are minimised. It’s only when they’re coupled with equally effective ingredients and an efficient ‘delivery system’ that they can really make an active difference. Whilst years of research helped us to find the Nefera peptide, we also spent a lot of time formulating and carefully selecting ingredients to accompanying it. Incorporating cutting-edge nanotechnology was additionally important – to ensure that the peptide properly penetrates the skin.

Health is more important than hype

Peptides are a seriously potent tool in the fight against visible ageing and loss of elasticity in the skin. With sound research and studies behind them, they’re a pretty safe bet for anyone looking to improve the look and feel of skin. So once you’ve chosen carefully and selected a product that has been clinically formulated and properly tested, it’s key to address your overall health and wellbeing. Yes, many of the claims surrounding are substantiated – but peptides can only do their job when you do yours and look after yourself from the inside out. Drink plenty of hydrating fluids such as water and green tea, and limit your intake of processed or refined foods to help your skin benefit from optimum nutrition.

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